Fresh quotes

Here are some fresh quotes that can make you smile. Some of them may sound sarcastic but partially true.

Smile tames old enemies and wins new friends.

Pride is that creepy feeling when we pat ourselves on the back for looking down on someone else.

Smile is infectious to others, but laughter can be dangerous.

Guilt is what builds up when you commit sin and try to forget about about it.

No man is an island, but every man wants an island.

What could be more volatile in this world than a woman’s temper? Maybe her shape.

Men are ready to lose all battles to win a woman’s smile.

A man’s stare may cause trouble, but a woman’s glance can lead to a happy couple.

Our dreams are only as large as our will to make them come true.

Smile is a weapon invented by women to conquer men’s heart.

Absolute freedom is what one gets if he frees himself from all control except his desires.

Smile is man’s best gesture to society.

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