Text Messages that Make You Smile

To have a well defined abs, you need absolute discipline, utmost confidence in yourself, and a distorted mirror.

How can you blame me? I am a lover.

love is not about how much you say 'i love you' but how much you can prove that it's true. thanks for everything 

Hearthaches maybe painful. So try to love again and make it double.  The next time you fall, you will find it funny afterall.

Stop looking for role models; become one. Stop looking for inspiration; provide it. Stop COPYiNG, be COPiED!!

Regrets I have a few.  One of them is when I found you, and didn't have the guts to say I want you.

Good times are when we realize we have the best company in the world, in the company of those who think they have the best company in the world.

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