Smile Text Greetings

Smiley Face

  • A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.
  • The perfect plan is a perfect smile for everyone.
  • A SMILE is a curve that sets everything straight and wipes the wrinkles away .. Hope u share and receive a l0t of smile today .. Here's one fr0m me 🙂
  • Smile. Why? Because it makes you attractive. It changes your mood. It relieves stress. And it helps you stay positive.
  • A smile in a day proves that no matter how worst your problem is, you still remain to be strong by the grace of God. 
  • Be with those who make you laugh. Love without holding back. Don't wait to count the blessings in your life, but experience them every single day!
  • A strong friendship doesn't always need daily conversation or togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part.
  • "Sometimes the biggest plan are not d best and the simple plan makes everything perfect".  
  • Don't fall in love with someone who says the right things. Fall in love with someone who does the right things.  But do it with smile!


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