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I don't want to be your "favorite" or your "best".  I want to be your "only" and forget the rest.

Don't look for the better man. Look for someone who will make you a better girl.

If I were the sun or the moon, I will make your day & night always bright. If I were your angel, I wiil keep you away from harm.  If I were a road , I will lead you to the right way. But I am just a simple person who can only pray for the very best for you in whatever you do.:)

Lonely is the night when i am not with you.

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True happiness is not about big laugh or tears of joy… it's about a simple smile…whenever you remember someone who made your life simply and completely happy… like when you remember me.

Any man who can text while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the text the attention it deserves.

If four out of five people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean that the fifth one enjoys it?

If u read this, i m smart.. if u save this, u agree i m smart.. if u 4ward this, u r spreadin that i m smart.. if u delete this u r jealous…

Contentment is not always the fulfilment of what we want. It is the realization of how blessed we are for what we already have.  What more can I ask for, when I have you?