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Talk' N Text offer P1 Internet Package

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 A breakthrough mobile data platform developed by Smart Communications Inc. will soon enable its subscribers to access the Internet on their mobile phones for as low as P1, the most affordable mobile Internet service to date.

Seven types of Yahoo! articles no one should read

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Yahoo! has come a long way, from just a simple email platform, to a media conglomerate that carries all types of news and articles, from around the world, about anything.
Yahoo! is fast and beats other media entities in breaking news. It carries legitimate news wires such as Reuters, AP and AFP. It also carries gossips, hearsays, fiction and lies.

4G Network in the Philippines

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Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. or PLDT said it will expand its fourth generation or 4G network in the Philippines with the deployment of 5,000 new stations to bring fast wireless connectivity to nearly all cities and towns in the country.

PLDT President and CEO Napoleon Nazareno said the expansion of PLDT long term evolution or LTE network is part of the thrust to provide broadband connectivity to the whole Philippines.

In defense of my country

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In defense of my country

We have the world's most unstable and earthquake-prone volcanic islands and deepest waters, but these islands and waters are ours, and have been ours since we became an independent nation more than a century ago.

We acknowledge China as one of the most dominant countries that have influenced our history as a nation, and for naming our biggest island, Luzon (Liu-sung).

We acknowledge the maritime superiority of China, which it first displayed 600 years ago, long before Western powers discovered Americas and the Pacific. Chinese Admiral Zheng explored South China Sea, a century ahead of Magellan and his crew. This enabled Chinese merchants to reach far flung islands in the Visayas and Mindanao, where ancient Chinese porcelains were later discovered.  They settled here and became a part of the population, long before the Spaniards, the British, the Americans and the Japanese mingled with the local race.

Tagalog quotes and greetings

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Tagalog quotes and greetings

Bakit pag nakikita ka, bigla akong sumisigla? Isa lang ang ibig sabihin. May lagi kang dalang pagkain.

Kahit maganda at sexy ka, mahal na mahal kita. Good morning.

Dating maligalig at saan saan ang nais mapuntahan, sa buwan, ibang planeta o kahit na Greenland. Nang ika'y makilala mayroon akong nalaman. Ang paraiso pala'y sa tabi mo lamang.

Wag kang mag-alala, kaibigan kita. Di lalayo sa tabi mo pag may problema.  Pag nadapaka, sasabihan kita. Tama na, tumayo ka na.

Muntik na lang kitang minahal, buti na lang tinamad ako.

Giliw ko akoy nahihirapan na di mo ako pansin o maisip lamang. Sabihin mo sanang akoy iyong naaalala upang akoy makadama ng kaunting ginhawa.

Ang pagbati ng magandang umaga, ang ibig sabihin ang taong binabati ay mahalaga, at lagi mong gustong makita.  So para sayo, magandang umaga!

Lovers quotes and greetings

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Here is a collection of lovers quotes and greetings for everybody.

A true lover. That's what I have become because of you.

From the way I saw you last night, I realized I wanted to see you again, every day and every night, for the rest of my life.

Daily inspiring quotes and greetings

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Daily inspiring quotes and greetings

Here is a collection of daily inspiring quotes and greetings.

Anger is what you feel when you go to shower without water.  But a happy heart knows how to laugh about a minor incident like it.

The walls that divide us are the same walls that unite us.

My life is not perfect but the way I want it to be, but I am as fine as God wants me to become.

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile."

In God's eyes, love is never absent. In God's heart, forgiveness is never impossible. In God's embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten. Wear ur smile!:) TC.

Smartphone users in the Philippines

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Globe Telecom expects higher revenues from mobile data business in the second half, on the back of the steady rise in the number of smartphone users.

Smart offers service in the US

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Smart Communications Inc., a unit of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.(PLDT) has deployed its mobile service in the United States, targetting 3.5 million Filipino-Americans who have relatives in the Philippines.

Smart introduces digital ads in the Philippines

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Mobile service provider Smart Communications Inc. has launched its mobile advertising service or digital ad to capture its share in the P2.2-billion digital advertising business in the Philippines.

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