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Acer launches CloudProfessor Laboratory in Cebu

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Cloud Professor

Acer Philippines teamed up with the Asian College Technology (ACT) of Cebu to integrate basic IT skills and application to its curriculum with the launch of the country’s first CloudProfessor Laboratory.

Filipino viewers switch to digital television

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Digital TV box

Most Filipino homes in the country's capital have acquired flat television sets and switched to digital technology, according to surveys.

Starmobile offers free Internet

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Starmobile free internet

Star Telecom Alliance Resources, Inc., the Filipino manufacturer of Starmobile phones, has joined forces with Voyager Innovation to provide Starmobile users with free internet access out of the box by pre-loading freenet into their latest Android smartphones.

Online shopping in the Philippines expected to reach P918 billion by 2025

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Payo COD

About 42 Filipino online shoppers are expected to spend P918 billion in purchases online by 2005, according to a study by Google and Temasek in 2017.

Mobile Internet speed in the Philippines improves

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Mobile broadband speed

The average download speed for mobile broadband improved 88.31 percent from 7.44 megabits per second (Mbps) in July 2016 to 14.01 Mbps in April 2018, according to Speedtest Global Index Report of Ookla.

Mother's Day Quotes and Greetings

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Mother's Day Greetings

Nothing feels sweeter than a mother's care.

Unilever opens 137,000-square-meter distribution hub in the Philippines

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Unilever distribution hub

Unilever, the British-Dutch company considered as the world's largest fast-moving consumer goods manufacturer, has opened a 137,000-square-meter mega distribution center in Cabuyao, Laguna that can generate over 10,000 jobs nationwide.

Globe Telecom wants to spread acts of kindness

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Filipino volunteers

Globe Telecom asks various organizations and volunteers to join its nationwide volunteer program to promote sharing an act of kindness among Filipinos and collectively contribute to social development.

Fake airline promos proliferate online

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Kaspersky online scam

Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity and anti-virus provider, has warned about the proliferation of fake airline promos during the summer holidays when most people’s penchant for travel heats up.

Amazon opens center in the Philippines

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Amazon customer service center Cebu

US technology giant Amazon.com Inc. has opened its first customer service center in Cebu City, Philippines with over 300 jobs that will increase by another 1,000 by the end of the year.

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