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Holy Week Messages

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Holy Week MessagesSacrifice is what one someone does when he owns up to the sins of another to save that other pe

Text Messages that Make You Smile

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To have a well defined abs, you need absolute discipline, utmost confidence in yourself, and a distorted mirror.

How can you blame me? I am a lover.

love is not about how much you say 'i love you' but how much you can prove that it's true. thanks for everything 

Spotify, SPINNR and Deezer in the Philippines

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Globe Telecom and Smart Communication have teamed up with music streaming service providers Spotify, SPINNR and Deezer to allow their subscribers to stream songs and music through their mobile devices.

Smart cited the big potential for growth in revenues from music streaming, based on a recent report by the global music trade group that revenues from music streaming grew by 51.3 percent in 2013.

Free Facebook on Globe Extended

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Globe Telecom will extend the free Facebook promo offer for its subscribers until April 24, 2014. The free service, which began in October 2013, allows Globe subscribers to access the social networking site with no data charges.

Globe’s vice president for Mobile Data Services Jenny Granada-Echvarria said the offer was extended “due to the overwhelming response” from subscribers.

Smart now has Deezer Premium in the Philippines

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Smart Communications Inc. has signed a strategic and exclusive partnership with global music streaming service Deezer to bring the full breadth of music experience to mobile users in the Philippines through Deezer’s Premium+ service.

OLX takes over

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Naspers  Ltd., a South Africa-based media company which owns, has taken over the domain name of Philippine online classified ads company  The domain name was rebranded to, following the merger of the two companies.

Smart Bares Galaxy S5 Plan

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Smart Communications Inc. has disclosed its lineup of exciting postpaid offers for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 as it prepares for the smartphone’s simultaneous Philippine launch on April 11, 2014.

How to Trade Stocks on Mobile Site

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The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) has introduced a new mobile application that enables investors to access disclosures, financial reports and other important information about listed companies through their mobile phones and tablets.

The PSE mobile application, called PSE Edge or PSE Electronic Disclosure Generation Technology, is available on both iOS and Android-powered devices and can be downloaded for free.

Bitcoins in the Philippines

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Monetary authorities in the Philippines are studying the regulation of Bitcoin to protect users of the digital currency. 

Lovely Text Messages

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If you're not faithful, just be careful :)

Never forget 3 types of people in your life:

1) Those who helped you in your difficult time.
2) Those who left you in your difficult time.
3) Those who put you in that difficult time.

We meet people for a reason,,,either they're a blessing or a lesson.

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