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Here is a collection of lovers quotes and greetings for everybody. A true lover. That's what I have become because of you. From the way I saw you last night, I realized I wanted to see you again, every day and every night, for the rest of my... Read More | Share it now!

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A collection of true love text messages, true love greetings and true love quotes.

Love is not what people give.  Love is what makes people give.

Love is true, when you say it, you feel it and you show it.

The search for true love begins with you and me being born in this world.

Of all the grand ideas in my mind, I consider you to be the most interesting one.

When my friends ask what true love means, I always point at you and say there she is.


Inlove quotes

Of the billion stars in the sky, all i can see is the twinkle in your eye that keeps shining in my mind.

how will you know you found true love? when you found somebody whom you can tolerate everyday. more importantly if the same person can tolerate you any day.

The first time I met her made me see earth like a fish jumped out of the bowl and for the first time saw the ocean.

The most exciting adventure is not setting out to the unknown part of the world but exploring relationship with the people around you that will challenge your balance and lead you to a thousand emotions.

“I don’t understand why Destiny allowed some people to meet……when there’s no way for them to be together.”

Daily Love Quotes

A nice word does not always please a girl. Case in point, I can’t understand why she gets mad everytime I call her my favorite girlfriend.

I don’t want to be the one who says life is beautiful. I want to be the one who feels it. – Marty Rubin

The trouble with working two jobs is you also have twice the number of bosses.

The day I met you was my favorite accident. Even today, I cherish those injuries.

My girlfriend is so kind and selfless. One time, she told me: “I always do to others what I do to you.”

Loving Text Messages

The smallest word is I, the sweetest word is LOVE, and the dearest person in the world is U. thats why I Love You.. 🙂

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If love is blind, how do I see you?  If love hurts, why do you make me happy? If love is a many splendored things, how come you are the only one for me.

Love is realizing that you love doing the things you hate because someone appreciates the efforts you make.

They say love is rare, and hard to find.  Others say it arrives only once in a lifetime.  I say love is in the heart, and never leaves.  It grows every moment, deepens every minute. We just have to find someone to share it with.

The love we share is not one that can easily be conjured. It was built on trust and a strong bond of friendship which blossomed into a deeper relationship.

In this ever changing world where relationships are fleeting, I feel lucky because i have the most stable partnership with you. We started out as friends and took the next step and we never looked back. Here's to more years of fruitful togetherness with my best friend.

I love you quotes and messages

If there are a billion beautiful girls in the world, why do I choose to be with only one? Maybe because true love means only you as mine.

What is love?  I don't know exactly what it is, but you taught me how to experience it.

I woke up today smiling as I recall our friendship because I know that years from now, I will still be waking up smiling for the same reason every morning.

Love. All my life I have read about it, dreamt of it, waited for it, cried for it, needed it. Now with you, I have found it.

A hundred hearts would be too few, To carry all my love for you. – Author Unknown