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Manila Yacht Club

May 2000. They drop by to drink some beer, meet familiar faces, and launch their big toys in the waters of the famous Manila Bay. They are the members of the prestigious Manila Yacht Club (MYC), the weekend hideaway of... Read More | Share it now!

Greatest Wisdom?

I have read stories about intelligent men who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of wisdom and glory for themselves. At one point in my life, I thought they were great men who have transcended the limits of human... Read More | Share it now!

Waling Waling

The Philippines is home to more than a thousand species of orchids. These species are known for their exotic beauty. But the rarest and most beautiful of them all is Waling-Waling. In fact, Waling-Waling is so rare... Read More | Share it now!

Which Religion is True?

Many religious sects today are claiming their exclusive right to Heaven. For fear that they may be shut out from God’s kingdom, some people join these groups to take their chance. Amidst the proliferation of... Read More | Share it now!

True Freedom

On June 12, 1898, the Philippines – a country of humble yet great people – declared its freedom from over three centuries of Spanish oppression. There was festive celebration, and our forefathers were crying... Read More | Share it now!

Philippine Tarsier

In many respects, the Philippine tarsier is different from other animals. Considered as the world’s smallest primate, it measures only about twelve centimeters in length. Its two big eyes cannot move and do not have... Read More | Share it now!

Tamaraw in the Philippines

People used to call Mindoro as the “Land of the Tamaraws”. About 10,000 heads of these unique pygmy water buffalos were roaming around the island-province of Mindoro in the 1900s. But that was a century ago.... Read More | Share it now!

What is Love?

It was magic when I first met her. I knew from the start that she was quite different. She was lovely and graceful, and all I could do was to say “wow!” Call me ambitious, because that’s exactly what I... Read More | Share it now!

Salvation for the Rich

To the rich of this nation, we ask you to share your blessings with those who are in need. This we peacefully ask according to the love and mercy that God has shown us in Jesus Christ our Lord. Who are in... Read More | Share it now!