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Feelings and emotional text messages.

Happiness Text Messages

Happiness Text MessagesThe secret to a happy life is not to spend moments with the best people, but to make the best moments with the people around you everyday.

Act the way you love, and everything will be alright.

By truly loving, you are giving up your pride, conceding defeat and acknowledging that someone else is now in control of you.

Love is not a feeling.  It is a state of mind that controls the whole body.

The first time I met you, I thought I had a crush. When I confirmed it was a crush, I thought it was more than that and I like you.  When i decided I really like you, I found that I actually love you. When I declared my love, I actually feel that I need you. When I said I need you, I realized that all these years, I have found the missing part of me, which is you.

Emotional Quotes and Text Messages

Here are some emotional quotes, and sentimental text greetings about love, hearthache, lies, loyalty whims and fancy. You know the feeling that while sluggishly strolling inside a high-end shopping mall on your way home, problems – financial and... Read More | Share it now!

Feelings SMS

Feelins SMSThe best feeling comes when you realize that you are perfectly HAPPY without the things once you thought you needed the most." 🙂

A smile can unlock more doors than any key. 🙂

Getting angry is actually punishing yourself with the mistakes of others.

we're ol cApaBle of making ourSelves hapPy…buT hapPinesS is s0mewhat difFerent when s0me0ne else d0es it f0r us..IT'S MUCH SWEETER..

We don't have everything to enjoy life, but  we have life to enjoy everything.  Always choose to see the nice things. Life is happier that way.ü