EDSA Skywalk

The best solution to the traffic congestion along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue or EDSA is to build a Skywalk, an elevated pedestrian bridge with roof that will protect the people from rains, floods and excessive sunlight. An EDSA Skywalk or Skybridge along the 24-kilometer EDSA will not only reduce short vehicle trips but will also encourage people to walk between homes and offices. The EDSA Skywalk is a better alternative to EDSA Skyway, a proposed elevated expressway that will run parallel and on top of the existing thoroughfare. An elevated pathway, about 10 meters wide, along the whole stretch of EDSA, and possibly on other major roads in Metro Manila such as Ayala and Gil Puyat Ave. in Makati City, Taft Ave. in Manila and Quezon Ave. in Quezon City, will manifest the government's grand ambition to improve the infrastructure for commuters and pedestrians. A grand project like this is good not only for infrastructure and transportation, but also for the environment, tourism and health. Walking is the best excercise for office workers who spend most of their time sitting in the office. The EDSA Skywalk will particularly be tourist-friendly, as this will allow foreign and domestic tourists greater mobility while exploring Metro Manila. Given the fact that many streets of Metro Manila are flooded during the rainy season while brownouts disrupt MRT operations, a Skybridge with roof is the right solution. It should be mainly a government undertaking, but the cost can be partially subsidized by private sector funds. Food stalls or retail outlets, occupying no more than 2 meters in width, can be set up on some stretch of the EDSA Skywalk. If the design is right, the EDSA Skywalk can even have special lanes for joggers and bikers, so even long trips such as from Monumento in Caloocan City to Ayala Ave. in Makati City will be possible. The EDSA Skywalk can also be used for rescue operations during massive floods that hit low lying parts of Metro Manila. A Skywalk is not actually an absurd idea, as several Asian cities such as Bangkok now have similar elevated pathways exclusively for use by pedestrians. In Makati City, there is already a skybridge connecting Landmark and Greenbelt and follows the stretch of Dela Rosa Street. An interesting proposal for the government is to pursue this project on a large scale such as an EDSA-long magnitude, if only to show it has a grand vision for the future. An EDSA Skywalk is definitely a green project that will help reduce carbon emission and encourage the people to burn some calories while walking and excersing, which are good for hearth and overall health.

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