Smartphone Penetration Rate in the Philippines

Google revealed recently that the current smartphone penetration rate is now at 39{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de}, citing market research firm Ipsos MediaCT’s recent survey on smartphone usage in the Philippines. The survey said smartphones are affecting consumer behavior and giving businesses a new window for strategic marketing.

Seven in ten Filipino smartphone users never leave home without their device and 33{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} have spent more time online in the past six months than they did before that period. “We’ve observed a strong reliance on smartphones for everyday use. For many, a smartphone serves multiple purposes and they get most of their local info from searches done on mobile,” said Narciso Reyes, Google Philippines Country Manager.

The survey found that a string of activities are most commonly done on smartphones including social networking and app use; 87{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} watch their videos on mobile. A majority of smartphone users were also found to multitask while on mobile,  they watch television, read a magazine, or listen to music while using Internet on their device.

Search stands out in smartphone usage: A sizeable chunk, 88{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de}, do research for product or service on their phones.  63{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} searched on topics such as product information, 53{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} on travel, 49{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} on restaurants and bars, and 38{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} even searched for apartment or housing information.

There is also significant search on local information at 93{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de}, with 88{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} taking action—connecting with the business, visiting the business, telling others about it, or making a purchase—after searching. Having a smartphone anytime, anywhere has enabled this frequent mobile consultation: 44{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} search daily, 72{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} weekly.

As much as 98{ae5572ab744dd06b98b2bb6060e9049de6b6b37dc400402c07faaa4c4c3000de} of the respondents also said they notice mobile ads.

“With this very high potential, businesses can look at how to creatively incorporate mobile into their marketing strategies. Making business information searchable can be a start to building online visibility. Customer engagement should follow,” said Reyes.

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