Microsoft Takes Over Nokia Cellphones

Nokia cellphones, once the most popular mobile phone brand in the world manufactured in Finland, is about to be handed over to Microsoft Corp., the US sofware and operating system developer.

Owning a Nokia phone in the 1990s to the early 2000s was considered almost a necessity, because everyone else owned one.  Nokia revolutionized text messaging or SMS, which helped the Philippines attained the status as the text messaging capital of the world.

Then came the smartphones, the Android OS, the iPhones and the iPads which made Nokia phones almost obsolete in terms of features and functionality.

Reports said Microsoft Corp will buy Nokia Oyj's phone business and license its patents for 5.44 billion euros or US$7.2 billion.

The sale of Nokia's phone business marks the exit of a 150-year-old company that once dominated the global cellphone market and remains one of Europe's premier technology brands, according to a report by Reuters.

There was a time working for Nokia was the dream job for many executives, because of the so many perks offered by the company.  However, its inability to produce its own software and the proud hesitation to embrace the Android OS led to its downfall.

Samsung of Korea filled the gap in the market that Nokia failed to take advantage of.  Now, Chinese mobile phone brands that run on Android are also raking in profits, despite their low selling prices.

The downfall of Nokia should be a lesson for other companies such as Blackberry Ltd. and even non-telecom companies.  Innnovation is the name of the game and the satisfaction of the consumers should be their primary goal.

It won't be surprising if other companies such as Apple, Samsung and even Microsoft follow the downfall of Nokia, if they do not live up to the expectations of the ever-demanding global consumers.

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