Smart now promotes Wifi calls


Smart Communications Inc., the leader of mobile calls and text messaging in the Philippines, now promotes Voice over Wifi or VoWifi after teaming up with Chinese company Huawei Technologies Inc.

Smart said with Wifi calls, customers can place calls while connected to Wifi using the native dialer of Wifi calling-capable handsets.

It said that even without installing any third-party mobile apps, Smart customers can make and receive calls wherever there is Wifi connection.

“With this breakthrough, we are leading the way to making more communication options available to our customers. We look forward to letting our customers make Wifi calls on PLDT Home and Smart Wifi soon,” Smart senior vice president Mario Tamayo says.

“This pioneering initiative is a key part of PLDT and Smart's efforts to continuously improve and evolve our voice services,” Tamayo says.

Smart is the wireless unit of the PLDT Group, which started as a legacy carrier.

Tamayo says PLDT Group's new strategy is to use both fixed and wireless networks to provide more converged products and deliver better service to customers.

“Wifi Calling will greatly enhance and complement the current rollout we are doing,” says Smart head of core planning and engineering John Emil Buencamino.

“Wifi Calling can help make customer experience in voice calls even better. The network is ready,” Buencamino says.

April 2018


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