Facebook Posts that Some People Find Offensive

Facebook posts that some people find offensiveBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes.  The same applies with Facebook posts, which can be interpreted a thousand ways, by a thousand readers.  What is beautiful to some, may be the opposite to others.  

So be careful when sharing Facebook posts, especially when you are angry, happy, jealous or jubilant.  The mood of your posts can reflect your character on some people's eyes and a sudden change in your sentiment can be interpreted you are moody, or worse unstable.

Here are other examples of Facebook posts or status that some people find annoying or arrogant, if not offensive.

  1. You might think a frequent change of Facebook status about you being single or in a relationship will excite people.  Think again. Although you might want to declare to the world you have just exited a short-term relationship, your new Facebook post may also offend not only your ex, but also the people who are confused as to how often you enter or exit a relation.
  2. Selfie or self-portrait can be cute the first time.  But showing too much selfie can unmask something… like you have nobody else who wants to take your picture, so you are forced to use the mirror to take your photo or you have to use the front camera of your smartphone, which has less resolution.
  3. Food posts can whet appetite, but taking the photos of your every meal or dine outs can offend people who are not as privileged, including those who are on a diet.
  4. Travel posts can show how adventurous you are, but making people believe you can travel to any part of the world on a whim, may attract the attention of some group, like kidnappers who are eyeing their next potential rich target.
  5. Posting pictures of your newly acquired assets, including luxury cars or designer bags, shoes or clothes, cannot possibly make people happy for you.  You can actually make them envious, which is not a good thing.
  6. You being in the best parties in town, as shown in your Facebook posts, reveals how you love to party.  It also reveals your constant search for a new excitement, a new lover, or a new victim, whatever that means to you.
  7. If you hate someone, avoid declaring it on Facebook, or your friends will discover how bitter, how nasty or how nagging you can be.
  8. Facebook photos of your sexy friends, in their seductive posts, can ruin relationships, including your past, present and future relationships.  
  9. Constant greetings between you and your beau on Facebook, like on a daily basis, can make some people ask why you find privacy a bad thing.
  10. Liking sex videos or a bad joke on Facebook can reveal your taste for such materials and your insensitivity to what people think about you – which may not be bad thing, except for what your parents or grandparents will tell you about how well they have tried to raise you.

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