Mobile App for Statistics and Economic Research

Here is a first from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which has recently introduced a mobile application bringing the latest macroeconomic and social data on Asia and the Pacific directly to mobile devices.

Called AsiaData mobile app, the application gives free access to a full range of macroeconomic and social  indicators, including economy and output; money, finance, and prices; people; globalization; transport, electricity, and communication; energy and environment; and government and governance.

“Increasingly people are using mobile devices to search for data and to monitor economic and social trends,” said ADB’s Chief Economist, Changyong Rhee. “Navigation on this new app is intuitive and most of the data is interactive, making it very easy to use.”

The Asia Data mobile app provides extensive data on member countries sourced from Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific, ADB’s annual statistical publication. 
Data sourced from national statistics offices and central banks and from the databases of other international organizations are also accessible through a simple and easy-to-use visualization tool for mobile devices.

The app also allows users to easily construct their own graphs and tables using any of the 217 featured indicators for any of ADB’s 48 regional members.  

Users can readily compare countries for one indicator, or compare indicator trends of a country. Similar to ready-made graphs, user-defined graphs can be saved or shared, and corresponding data tables can also be shown.

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