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Life is good when somebody cares. Life is uplifting when someone is always there. Life is great when someone would protect you and suffer. Cherish life because God loves you always.

When u face problems in life, don't ask GOD to take them away. Ask Him to show His purpose- ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for you. GOD BLESS…

As the dawn breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God shower u his blessings of love and lead u always to d right path.

Only a fish knows d splendor of the sea. Only a Christian knows d glory of God.

May the love of God always shine in your life, as you become a light for others. Have a pleasant day. God bless.

I ask God to bless you, to guide you, to keep you safe, to give you peace, to give u joy and love all d time. Take care.

Prayer is an open line to Heaven. No cards to use, no low bat problem, no error, no charging, always good signal, and all messages sent. Make prayer a habit like texting.

U may not know where life's road will lead you. But keep moving. God is walking with you.

Let Jesus guide you in all your plans, in all your dreams, in all your wish to happen in your life. God bless.

Walk w/ d Lord when ur heart needs company. Take His hand when u feel all alone. Turn 2 Him when u need some1 2 lean on. He's d only 1 u can always rely on.

if u have a problem don't say "hey i have a big problem" rather say "problem… i have a big GOD."

Dont work too hard to give yourself the best of everything, instead make a greater effort to give GOD the best of yourself.

"in the ocean of lyf, GOD s our bouyant force, no matter how strong d wind & how gigantic d waves r, we will not sink bcoz we r anchored 2 HIM"

"No one is HOPELESS whose HOPE is in GOD"

Life cud b so bad. Situation might be so hard but the KNowledge that you have GOD is something that cheers you up.

When Life Gets Difficult, When The Tasks Become Tiring, When Your Heart Is Giving Up, Remember That The SNAIL Got To Noah's ark …. inch by inch! .. good day (",)

"sunrise meks our mornings beutiful, but d words of GOD strengthen us & mek our lives more meaningful". smile & enjoy life!

Love begins w/a smile, grows w/a kiss, ends w/a tear. Wen u wer born, u wer crying & evryone around u was smiling. Live yr life so dat wen u die, u r d 1 smiling & evryone around u is crying.

"The bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before."

"GOD doesnt require u 2 b d best, HE just wants u 2 do ur best & HE will tek ker of d rest".

Smile, it's a beautiful day!

Other Text Messages

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