Gear Up for TWICE in Manila: 6 Cool Facts Every ONCE Should Know

Filipino ONCEs are eagerly anticipating the TWICE 5th World Tour Ready to Be concert, set to grace the stage at the Philippine Arena on September 30 and October 1, one of the most significant KPop events of the year brought to Manila by Smart in partnership with Viu.

This concert marks TWICE’s return to the Philippines, following their last appearance in June 2019 at the SM MOA Arena, where they performed before a sold-out crowd.

Here are six cool facts every ONCE should know about TWICE:

1. Selection through a Competition Show

  • TWICE’s nine members were selected through the competition survival show Sixteen. Originally intended to have seven members, JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park added Tzuyu and Momo to the lineup, resulting in the formation of the iconic group.

2. Diverse Nationalities of Members

  • Not all TWICE members are South Korean; the group boasts a diverse lineup with members from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, adding a unique cultural blend to their dynamic.

3. Solo Debuts of Nayeon and Jihyo

  • Both Nayeon and Jihyo have ventured into solo careers while remaining committed to TWICE. Nayeon’s solo EP, “I’m Nayeon,” and Jihyo’s debut EP, “ZONE,” showcase their individual talents and versatility.

4. Recognition at Billboard Women in Music Awards

  • TWICE received the Breakthrough Award at the 2023 Billboard Women in Music Awards, recognizing their influence as female powerhouses shaping the music landscape.

5. Success of “Ready to Be”

  • “Ready to Be” is TWICE’s 12th EP, released on March 10, 2023, achieving remarkable success in South Korea and internationally. The album’s worldwide tour includes stops in Australia, Japan, the US, Singapore, the UK, France, Germany, Thailand, and the Philippines.

6. ONCE: The Official Fandom

  • Fans of TWICE are officially known as ONCE, a name chosen by JYP due to its association with the word “twice.” It signifies the reciprocal love between the group and their devoted fanbase.

As Filipino ONCEs gear up for this monumental event, Smart has prepared exciting activities at the concert venue, including a photo booth, message wall, and the Nintendo Switch TWICE Dance booth exclusive to Smart subscribers. ONCEs are encouraged to observe concert etiquettes for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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