917Ventures Celebrates 4th Anniversary with “4tifying the Future” Initiative at San Joaquin Elementary School

In a powerful demonstration of unwavering commitment to community upliftment, 917Ventures, the corporate venture builder under Globe, celebrated its fourth anniversary with a transformative initiative at San Joaquin Elementary School in Pasig City. The project, aptly named “4tifying the Future,” showcases 917Ventures’ dedication to enriching the lives of Filipinos and fortifying the foundation of communities for a brighter future.

The event, conducted in collaboration with the school’s leadership, teachers, and dedicated employee volunteers, was aligned with Brigada Eskwela 2023 and the Globe-led Hapag Movement, emphasizing 917Ventures’ determination to make a lasting impact on educational institutions and contribute to the fight against involuntary hunger.

Key Highlights of “4tifying the Future”:

  1. Educational Transformation:
  • 917Ventures employee volunteers took part in a vibrant back-to-school activity, rejuvenating classrooms by repainting blackboards, chairs, shelves, and walls. This collective effort aimed to create an inspiring atmosphere for students to thrive and learn.
  1. Collaboration for Hunger Mitigation:
  • Partnering with Scholars of Sustenance Philippines, an organization dedicated to reducing food waste and addressing hunger challenges, 917Ventures contributed to the Globe-led Hapag Movement. Volunteers prepared and served nourishing meals to the school’s “Tara Basa” and “National Learning Camp (NLC)” participants, promoting well-being and combatting hunger.
  1. Commitment to Education and Social Responsibility:
  • Glenn Estrella, 917Ventures Head of Ideation and Acceleration, emphasized the company’s belief in the transformative power of education. He stated, “We’ve been dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of students through our edutech solutions, and we also wanted to help enhance the physical surroundings of San Joaquin Elementary School.”
  1. Fostering Sustainable Change:
  • Vince Yamat, 917Ventures Managing Director, highlighted the significance of the collaboration with Scholars of Sustenance Philippines. He stated, “Our partnership with Scholars of Sustenance Philippines aligns perfectly with our goal of fostering sustainable change. Through the program, we intend to contribute to a future where no one goes hungry.”

As the premier corporate venture builder in the Philippines, 917Ventures has consistently championed positive change and revolutionized industries with groundbreaking digital solutions. Notable ventures include the finance app GCash, the nation’s only double unicorn, and top health superapp KonsultaMD. With a portfolio boasting 27 launched ventures and 14 spin-off companies, 917Ventures continues to pave the way for innovation and social responsibility.

While celebrating its milestone anniversary, the “4tifying the Future” program exemplifies 917Ventures’ ongoing dedication to creating a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

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