Emotional Quotes and Text Messages

Here are some emotional quotes, and sentimental text greetings about love, hearthache, lies, loyalty whims and fancy.

You know the feeling that while sluggishly strolling inside a high-end shopping mall on your way home, problems – financial and everything – that nag your mind, suddenly disippate as a beautiful lady, in all her elegance, walks in front of you, prompting you to throw an admiring, fanatic peek, but only to be met with still enchanting, yet condemning short stare executed in the most stylish way, almost like admonishing that you fancy too much in a world outside your reach. That short stare, a split of a second, causes so much excitement and revives the adventurous man in you, because you have just been reminded that life is so complex and you have so much more to experience, feel, suffer and cherish in this planet, which is full of strangers who have the power to manipulate a stare and use it to rock your world.

A girl who loves more than one, only searches for the perfect one.

I remember the name, but I don't remember the feeling anymore.  Like a song, the lyrics sometimes loses its meaning.

Loyalty is greater than friendship, because only love makes a man or a woman truly loyal.

Lies, adorned with the most beautiful words and told in the kindest way, can destroy everything but the truth, even when shouted at your face, can rebuild a life and give hope.

The best way to love is to love until you feel the pain of losing her to someone else, and still love her, not because she wants you to, but because you choose to love without anything in return.

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