Valentine Text Messages, Greetings and SMS

Here are seven Valentine text greetings that are fresh and new, that discuss love, heartache and reunion for the sake of celebrating Valentine's Day.

Loving you is like the best feeling that keeps me excited every morning.  Looking at you is like the brightest light that keeps me awake into the night. Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day my darling.  If we enjoy this day, like all the days we spent together, then my darling, I can count it beautiful, bright and special, like the first day we met, and everyday since.

When you left I thought that one cry would end my sorrow but missing you everyday is a pain I can't ever bear. So please come back and heal my heart aches until you convince me that you truly care.  Happy Valentines Day.

How do you know that you're in love? If food lost its taste, if the night lost its slumber, if the temperature became hot, if your face lost its smile and if you began to lose weight, then you're not in love.  You have the symptoms of diabetes.  Go see a doctor.

I said good bye, you let me go.  I thought you love me so much you'd never say no.  Stupid me coz I'm just testing you, I thought you love me as much as I love you.

You said you love me and I said okay. But you looked the other way and gazed at someone else. Your words are like greeting cards empty of meaning.  I am sorry but I don't need your "part-time" feeling.

Sorry I unfriended you.  It was after I read the message: "The most important persons in your life are not on Facebook."

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