Feelings SMS

Feelings SMSThe best feeling comes when you realize that you are perfectly HAPPY without the things once you thought you needed the most." 🙂

A smile can unlock more doors than any key. 🙂

Getting angry is actually punishing yourself with the mistakes of others.

we're ol cApaBle of making ourSelves hapPy…buT hapPinesS is s0mewhat difFerent when s0me0ne else d0es it f0r us..IT'S MUCH SWEETER..

We don't have everything to enjoy life, but  we have life to enjoy everything.  Always choose to see the nice things. Life is happier that way.ü

"A tongue has no bones. but it can BREAK a heart." so,be wise to what you say. cause,trust wont be rebuilt easily.

The best part when you're about to sleep is knowing that someone is…waiting for you to wake up…..But the greatest part before closing your eyes, is knowing you'll be sleeping with a smile? because God saw the goodness in your heart.

there are songs that can rili make u sad & cry wen u hear them, but it's n0t actually d' song, it's d person behind d memories.

"Laughing isn't something you do for fun.. It is sometimes a relief when you badly misses someone, or an instant escape when you're hurting too much."

I think dat one of d best fiLings in lyf is discovering dat u stiL dserve 2 be apreciated by sum1… regardles on how sumbody eLse have made u fiL unworth For d longest tym.

:If the sun shines in our soul, does it matter if it rains outside? Happiness in the LORD always overshadows the sadness that some events bring.

Treat everyone with kindness, even those who are rude to u, not because they are not nice but because.. YOU are nice.

It's better to accept the fact that you are not appreciated than to insist yourself to someone who never really see your worth.

God's hand is up0n U 2day touching ur life with Joy, blessing ur heart with love and c0mforting urself with peace. Smile… and be happy.

take some time to smile when you're sad, to rest when you're tired, to love if you're feeling empty, & to let go if you need to..time endures, time heals..in this life, just take some time for urself, then you'll see, everything will fall into the right place…

TIPS TO BE GOOD LOOKING: FOR LOVELY EYES- Always look at the good side of other people. (Phil.2:4) FOR TENDER LIPS- Speak only kind words towards others. (Col.4:6) FOR A CHARMING FACE-  Always smile with a happy heart (Prov.15:13) FOR GRACEFUL ARMS-  Reach out with compassion to those in need. (Rom.9:15) FOR BEAUTIFUL FEET Always walk with GOD! (Gen.6:9). Be a Good-looking person all the time..

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everyone around brighten into smiles. May God bring back to u all the hapiness u've given to others.

nothing's even more happier than to see som1 hu appreciates you in the smallest thing.. accepts you in times of hardships.. comforts you when troubled.. loves you no matter what, and simply because…they are happy for having you..:) good morning sunshine!

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