Thanos, the first super villain that matches the dark clouds character


Thanos is perhaps the first super villain in comic books that can match the power of dark clouds which are often portrayed as the ultimate antagonist in superhero movies and television shows.

The mad titan wants to wield the power of infinity gauntlet to carry out his maniacal desire to obliterate half of the universe's population to bring order and semblance of discipline that he imagines in his mind, just like what real-life characters in history tried to do–Hitler, Pol Pot and even Duterte.
Thanos is so fearsome that the Hulk, the anger-fueled monster that he is, got clobbered in their fight scene and developed battle anxiety, wishing to never come out again.
Because of the large powerful character that Thanos represents, the movie 'Avengers: Infinity War' kind of made sense, as it threw most characters in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy together in one universe and one time loop to fight for survival.
It is one epic saga, a massive collaboration of superhero characters that delivered funny narratives, but one that first-time Marvel viewers may find difficult to comprehend as a movie lacking in reason.
While other superhero movies resorted to the trick of putting dark clouds as the main villain, Avengers: Infinity War sticked to nihilist Thanos, because of the enormous powers of the infinity gauntlet, which refers to the six infinity gems: soul, power, time, reality, space and mind.
At least three superhero movies actually had dark clouds or darkness as the main villain, including Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Green Lantern and Doctor Strange.
A space cloud called Galactus which eats planets is the main villain in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.  A cosmic dust cloud called Parallax is what Green Lantern fought.  Meanwile, Doctor Strange confronted Dormammu, another dark extra-dimensional entity.
The dark clouds as the main antagonist ctually appeared in other shows.  In the 'Supernatural' TV series, the Winchester brothers had to fight off Amara the Darkness.  In the Japanese series Final Fantasy, there was Cloud of Darkness.
Even before comics were invented, different tales and mythologies spoke about dark powers.  The Greek mythology actually had names for them: Chaos, Erebus and Nyx.  In the movie 'Gods of Egypt', one of the villains was Apophis, the Egyption deity of darkness and destruction, which also appeared like dark clouds.
In the Bible, Lucifer is portrayed as the prince of darkness.  Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.
Anyway, Thanos like the dark clouds is a complicated character.  Thanos believes in order, but justifies the use of chaos and destruction to achieve his goal.  History is littered with the same characters–persons who could not tell darkness from the light–in their quest to achieve their goal.

30 April 2018


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