10 Signs that Cell Phones Affect Your Social Life

10 signs that cell phones affect you social life

Mobile phones are now indispensable tools of communication, no doubt, but sometimes they become more than devices.  Cellphones now seem to be an extension of your arms, and always kept within a meter from your eyes.

Here are the ten signs that mobile phones, or smartphones as you would like to call them, disrupt your social life and affect your personal communication with people.

  1. You would rather exchange SMS, text messages or tweets via cell phone, instead of talking to your friends or family, even if they are just a seat away.
  2. You keep playing with your cell phone to make other people think you are in constant communication with important people.
  3. You look at your cell phone more often than your boyfriend or girlfriend, who is most likely doing the same thing.
  4. Cell phone is your alarm clock in the morning, and your sleeping pill in the evening.
  5. During dinner with the family, you pick up your mobile phone, instead of the fork, to text your father you don't like the food that your mother prepared.
  6. You keep staring at your phone, as if waiting for an important call, although you are not sure if it is really important.
  7. You begin to smile while alone, upon hearing your phone beep.
  8. You can never leave home without your phone, because you think you are going to miss important messages or calls, even on a Sunday.
  9. You become irritated when people don't return your calls or text you back as immediately as you do, when it comes to their messages.
  10. Although you love your present cell phone, you will replace it with the newest version, as soon as it becomes available.

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