PLDT Call All Service – Free Nationwide Calls

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. or PLDT has launched a new SIM that can be inserted in cell phones and other wireless handsets to make unlimited landline calls from anywhere in the country.

The company said the new product PLDT Call All revolutionizes the residential landline by giving Filipinos unprecedented freedom to call their loved ones all over the country anytime, for an additional monthly fee of only P250.

PLDT introduced the new service, after its rival Globe Telecom earlier launched a dual service that allows free calls from a mobile phone to any landline number within the same area code, for an additional cost of P399 monthly.

"PLDT Call All is our way of giving our existing landline subscribers the best deal out there.  They might as well get it from PLDT because we're the leader in the industry with the technology and expertise to offer it," said PLDT assistant vice president for acquisitions Patrick Tang.

To avail of the new service, existing residential PLDT landline subscribers need to apply for a PLDT Landline Plus (PLP) second line SIM which can be inserted in wireless handsets.

Monthly subscription fee is P850, or P250 higher than the tranditional landline service.  "That means for an additional P250 on your PLDT landline bill, you have unparalleled mobility, allowing you to call home from anywhere in the country," PLDT said.

"With PLDT Call All, there are no metered calls for local calling, no hidden charges, and no membership fees.  Landline calls have never been this affordable," it added.

The second line SIM can be used in any open line wireless handset and brought to any part of the country to make free local calls to any landline number in the same local calling area.

More importantly, PLDT said the second line SIM can be brought to Cebu or anywhere in the country and call home in Manila for free.

New subscribers can avail of the service by applying for a PLDT landline with an installation fee of P1,100.  The installation fee comes with a choice of a free PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM with free 300 load or a free caller ID unit.

The PLDT Call All Service is immediately activated upon installation of the new landline.

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