Acer launches CloudProfessor Laboratory in Cebu


Acer Philippines teamed up with the Asian College Technology (ACT) of Cebu to integrate basic IT skills and application to its curriculum with the launch of the country’s first CloudProfessor Laboratory.

The CloudProfessor Laboratory is equipped with Acer’s CloudProfessor, a starter kit that equips students with programming skills to design and build the Internet of Things (IoT).

The super mini-computer has reduced learning difficulties of students and can teach basic coding and robotics.

CloudProfessor will be integrated into the Senior High School curriculum where students can easily learn about programming at an early age.

ACT believes that it is important to introduce the concept of IoT and the skills needed to harness it early on.

CloudProfessor makes learning more fun and interactive for its students as they explore the options for their future profession.

Aside from providing the students with technology that can raise their potential, ACT’s pool of instructors and technical staff will undergo comprehensive workshops and trainings with Acer to prepare educators for the implementation of the program.

18 May 2018


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