Mother’s Day Quotes and Greetings

Mother's Day quotes

  • Nothing feels sweeter than a mother's care.


  • A mother loves her child only once, but she never stops.


  • Mothers are the best. They are not only charming but also caring, not only sweet but nourishing, not only lovely but loving, not only giving but selfless, not only smart but enlightening, not only helpful but guiding, not only thoughtful but painstaking, not only mindful but sacrificing, not only unique but the only one.


  • What can be easier and more natural than loving our mothers?


  • A child who follows in the footsteps of his or her father finds the way to success. A child who remebers the love of his or her mother finds happiness.


  • Every man is a mother's son.


  • Loving your mother until her last days will give you a joyful heart of a child even when you grow old.


  • A mother's voice is like a sweet melody that flows in the air to calm her children and make them feel safe and protected as they sleep worry free throughout the night.


  • Most children love their mothers more than they feel for their fathers. And their fathers do not complain. In fact, fathers encourage their children to love their mothers above anyone else because it is the law of nature.


  • A husband who loves his wife provides children a sense of security at home and a model to follow as they grow into adulthood.

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10 May 2018


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