Mothers Day SMS

For being the best mother any woman can be, I thank God for giving you to me. Happy Mother's Day, Nanay!

I have been blessed by God with a mother so faithful and true; Who shields me from harm and comforts me when i'm blue; She doesn't ask for anything in return and loves me unconditionally; And so on this day, I pay tribute to the greatest woman I love dearly. I love you mom – Happy Mother's Day!

For all the sleepless nights that you have spent to watch over me; For all the worries that you have endured while I'm not home; For all the pride that you have declared to see me grow; For all the love that you have shown to make me happy; Thank you, mom, for being the world's greatest mother!  Happy Mothers Day!

God has chosen you to be the vessel in which to give me life; You have cared and nurtured me from childhood and stood by me through life; I thank you my dear mother for giving everything you have to me; On this day, I pay tribute to you, dear mother – the love  and strength of my life. I love you mom.  Happy Mother's Day.

Where we have a place to go at the end of the day – that is home; Where we have people to love – that is family; Where were need someone to love us, anytime of day or night, Our mothers are always on our side. Thank God for our mothers who teach us the way of life. Happy Mothers Day!

Being a mother is such a thankless job. You care and love your children unconditionally, while expecting nothing in return. You devote all your time and energy in bringing up your kids and caring for your family. You are wife, confidant, adviser, doctor, chef, homemaker, all rolled into one.  And you perform all these duties, without complaint. And so on this day, we pay homage to our mothers for being the true pillars and strength of our family. Happy Mothers Day!

You have cared for me and watched me grow, nurturing me into the person I have now become. You have stood by my side during times of triumph and despair, and you have never asked for anything in return. And so dear mother, I wish to thank you, and say a silent prayer that God give you more strength and a longer time on this earth so your kindness will continue to shine and make my world happy.  Happy Mothers Day Mom. Thank you for everything.

I thank the Lord for giving me my mother. She may not be the kind who shops endlessly for me, or who showers me with gifts. But instead she cares and nurtures me and teaches me the way to become a better person.  Thank you mom for all the love you have given me.  Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers are interesting creatures, some are bossy and fuss all around their children, some are soft-spoken and meek but care and nurture their children just the same, but whatever kind of mother, one thing is for sure – we would not be on this earth if not for our mothers. So on this their special day, we pay tribute to our mothers and thank them for giving us a wonderful life. Happy Mothers Day!

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