Life Quotes

Sometimes, we realize that we are just a speck in the universe.  Sometimes, we realize that the universe is just a speck in our mind.
Happiness is what people always seek.  They try to find it in things, positions, wealth and places.  But true happiness is only found in the contentment of our hearts.
Life is not measured by the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away…:-) good morning everyone.
If one smile can brighten someone's day.  Imagine how bright the world would be, if we all smile.  
Being happy is a matter of choice.  And I choose to be with you.  That makes me truly happy.
Love makes you see the beautiful things that others find ordinary, such as friends and family.
Morning Prayer: I'll walk this day in faith dear Lord. No foe, no storm I'll fear. Trusting in your precious word, I'm safe for You are near.
I just want to greet you hi, the sweetest message with a smile, without a tinge of lie, confident yet a little shy.
Choices, chances, changes.  Your must make a CHOICE, to take a CHANCE, or your life will never CHANGE.
love is like a clock that tic tak in my heart.

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