Text Messages that will Make Your Day

Text Messages that will Make Your DayIf all you get is love, it is because it is all there is.

Waiting is a painful and slow process of getting the things you want in life.  But by waiting, you learn to be patient and build up your character until you are mature enough to deserve the really good things in life.

Something about you brings good memories from the past.  It was the time before I met you.

A selfish person is happy because she only thinks about how to love herself, without worrying if that love is mutual.

Falling in love is a risk that everyone likes to take, but ends up enjoying just the same.

When it's cold, I feel tired.  When it's hot, I feel exhausted.

Meeting friends comes spontaneously, but bonding time with a lover is by schedule.  

People said follow your dreams, so I returned to bed.

Sexiness is not about the body, but about the mind of those who think about sex.

Saturday is me time with books, movies, music and worries for the week ahead.

Waking up without a hug is far more better than waking up with regrets.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

How to keep your mind in perfect condition? Stop thinking.

Being nice to someone you don't like is not being fake or plastic. It is called respect.

Either you love or you fool yourself that you don't care.

Friends are individuals who always take your sides in times when you are weak, but never go to the center to catch you when you fall.

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