Uber to serve more cities in the Philippines

US-based transport service provider Uber is now planning to extend its ride-sharing app services to other cities outside Metro Manila.

Uber Philippines General Manager Laurence Cua said the transportation service provider plans to reach more dense cities where demand for private rides is high.

“We always think about expansion. If there’s somebody in Cebu, Davao, Pampanga, Baguio wherever…who is looking for a better ride and does not want to drive his car, I think that’s a place where we will seriously consider to launch it,” Mr. Cua said.

He added that the company is also looking into launching a carpool service in the metro which can reduce the number of vehicles on busy roads.

“We have products that we have launched in other parts of the world like Uber Pool, which allows people to share, more than one rider sharing one car, if they are both going to the same destination,” Mr. Cua said.

Uber is an app-based service that enables commuters to book private vehicle rides online.


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