Screen protector may affect Apple iPhone 6s

Apple Inc.'s latest smartphone, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which are equipped with 3D touch features that sense pressure on the display, may not work with the traditional screen protector products.

This is because iPhone 6s features 3D touch technology, the next generation of multi-touch that senses how much pressure is applied on the display. 

In addition to familiar multi-touch gestures such as tap, swipe and pinch, 3D Touch features peek and pop features, which bring a new dimension of functionality to the iPhone experience. 

With 3D Touch, iPhone 6s responds with subtle taps that enable users not only to see what a press can do but also to feel it.

The new iPhone 6s is expected to make 3D Touch a basic feature among new smartphones, as other main manufacturers will likely follow Apple’s lead and introduce 3D Touch-enabled smartphones in future releases.

The big question, however, is how users will protect their expensive 3D Touch-enabled smartphones without covering the original screen with a plastic or glass screen protector.

Initial tests carried out by the research and development team of NanoFixIt Inc. show that the traditional plastic and glass screen protectors, when applied to the 3D Touch screen, either completely prevent the effect of the new 3D Touch or greatly reduce its effectiveness.

NanoFixIt, an international company which provides advanced and newly developed liquid screen protector, said the answer lies on NanoFixIt Titanium – the revolutionary nanotechnology liquid screen protector considered the world’s strongest liquid screen protector.

NanoFixIt Titanium makes any glass surface ultra-scratch resistant, much stronger than normal glass and even stronger than tempered glass, it said.

This form of liquid glass coating has no glues or adhesives and bonds to the surface as a result of the quantum forces involved to form an invisible protective layer that is approximately 500 times thinner than a human hair. Once applied, the layer cannot be seen.

The NanoFixIt Titanium boosts many benefits such as enhanced vividness of the screen (HD effect), enhanced quality of the camera and pictures taken, reduction of finger-marks and smudges, anti- bacterial effect and even repels water like the leaf of a lotus flower. 

"In the context of the new Apple 3D Touch screen launched with IPhone 6s and 6s Plus, NanoFixIt Titanium is the only screen protector which does not derogate from the functionality of the new 3D Touch screen,” NanoFixIt said.

NanoFixIt Inc. is an international company with worldwide distribution of an advanced and newly developed liquid screen protector. It said its first retail product is a Liquid Screen Protector that is not only ultra-scratch resistant but also anti-bacterial, anti-UV radiation, water repellent and truly invisible (thereby maintain and enhancing the clarity of your screen). 

NanoFixIt Titanium is a glass coating liquid developed for smartphones, touch screens, cameras and any other glass surfaces in electronic devices.

The company operates out of Manila, Philippines, and has factory facilities in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

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