Ten Ways to Make Your Text Mates Reply with Text Messages

If you are into text messaging, most of the time you feel like exchanging multiple SMS with a new friend, a school mate, a co-worker or a cute neighbor.  Problem is you don't know how to start the chain of messages, just like you don't know how to start a conversation face-to-face.

Well, chances are you are not alone in the world. If you have registered for unlimited text messages, you thought you can get your money's worth by sending morning greetings to everyone.  The issue there is that not everyone would appreciate your thoughtfulness, some may even think you are text-stalking them.

Here are some tips to make your textmates reply with text messages.

  1. Make sure your text mates know you in person and state your reason for texting clearly.
  2. Sending Good morning text messages could be a start, showing your interest in him or her, and giving hints about your purpose.
  3. Be honest and true in your text messages and stop peddling lies about yourself.
  4. Never send two consecutive text messages, if the first one has not yet obtained a reply.
  5. Make sure in your text messages that you are waiting for a reply, by ending with a message like "What do you think?"
  6. Avoid being emotional in your text messages, like cursing the rest of the world and putting yourself in pedestal.
  7. Don't send text messages when you are angry, disappointed, depressed or jealous, as they could turn off the recipient.
  8. Don't start a quarrel, an argument or a debate over text messages.  Text messages cannot capture your real feelings or thoughts.
  9. Use emoticons sparingly. A smiley 🙂 is enough for a day.
  10. Text complete words and sentences, so that the recipient will clearly understand what you would like to convey.  A lot of times, your text mates do not reply simply because they think you are just texting the alphabet.

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