Sun Cellular offers non-stop Internet surfing

Sun Broadband launched an all-new Plan 699, which allows non-stop surfing of favorite sites and a consumable volume allocation for heavy Internet activities all in one plan.

It said with Plan 699’s non-stop surf allocation, users could enjoy all-month access to their favorite sites and blogs, social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, email and productivity apps such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, as well as popular messaging apps such as Viber, Line, WeChat and WhatsApp.

Heavy Internet users could still enjoy downloading and streaming monthly because the plan also comes with a 1.5GB open-access volume allocation, useful for apps like YouTube, Deezer, Skype, Facetime, and torrent downloading, among others, Sun Broadband said.

“Sun Broadband’s new Plan 699 perfectly addresses the need of our market for non-stop light and casual Internet browsing, with an added benefit of doing heavier Internet activities via its open-access volume allocation,” said Michele Curran, first vice president for data services at Sun Cellular. 

“With non-stop surfing and open-access volume allocation under one plan, users can easily manage their Internet activities whatever way they please,” Curran said.

Plan 699 users will be able to enjoy their favorite Internet activities such as viewing their Facebook feeds (consumes just 1MB of data), sending messages through chat apps (0.25MB), browsing their favorite blogs (1.30MB), sending a quick email or two (0.30MB), or streaming their favorite videos on YouTube (13MB per 3-minute video).

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