PLDT goes into Cloud

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., through its corporate business group PLDT Alpha Enterprise, is launching a cloud-based enterprise-grade virtual desktop solution that leverages the technologies from virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions leader VMware.

PLDT said the product would be introduced under the PLDT Cloud “Desktop as a Service” or DaaS, which would enable enterprise personnel to virtually access desktop applications and data over the Internet or a private network giving them full use of their respective desktop over any device.

“We’ve seen notable reception of Cloud technology among local enterprises, and we are constantly partnering with key IT leaders, such as VMware, to ensure our PLDT Cloud continues to be relevant and aligned to our market’s strategic thrusts,” said PLDT first vice president and head of PLDT Alpha Enterprise Jovy Hernandez.

PLDT Cloud Desktop as a Service will provide businesses easy access to their desktops over any device, cutting down costs of deploying and managing complex IT requirements over traditional PCs. 

An offline mode also allows users to save any changes and updates on their virtual desktops that eventually syncs their progress once they connect online.

“The PLDT DaaS solution addresses the increasing adoption of the “Bring Your Own Device” [BYOD] trend among enterprises, lowering the cost of ownership with the use of less expensive thin clients, and greater IT security compliance within their organization,” Hernandez said.

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