Philippines embraces solar power projects

SacaSun solar farm

The Philippines is now embracing renewable projects such as solar farms and wind facilities that tap sun light and wind as fuel to produce electricity.

Although it is late in the game, Aboitiz Power Corp., one of the largest power producers, has recently announced its entry into the rooftop solar space through a new business unit aimed at expanding renewable energy portfolio under the Cleanergy brand.

AboitizPower first entered the solar power market in 2016 with its 69-MWp San Carlos Sun (Sacasun) project in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. To date, AboitizPower has 1,272 MW of net sellable capacity, together with its partners, through its Cleanergy brand.

The new company, called AboitizPower Distributed Energy, Inc. (APX), is looking at completing several key projects in Luzon and Visayas in 2018, with a target to integrate it closely with the group's existing open access customers.

“We have been in the power industry for more than 80 years. This gives us a wealth of knowledge and technical capability that we can share to our customers who want to go into solar,” AboitizPower President Antonio Moraza said.

APX General Manager Ping Mendoza said that their main differentiator is their experience in the power industry.

“The positive response from customers affirms our view that distributed energy technology such as rooftop solar complements existing products and services that the AboitizPower group provides,” he said.

April 2018


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