Philippine mobile data traffic reach 875 petabytes

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Mobile data traffic in the Philippines reached 875 petabytes or 875 billion megabytes in 2017, according to Globe Telecom.

That mobile data traffic is equivalent to the combined capacity of 1.3 billion CD-ROM discs or 87.5 million USB devices with a capacity of 10 gigabytes each.

Globe Telecom Inc. said its mobile data traffic reached 600 petabytes versus 275 PB of Smart Communications in 2017.

Globe said its own mobile data traffic alone surged 66 percent from 361 PB in 2016, after it extensively deployed long-term evolution (LTE) in the Philippines.

Globe claimed that as of end-2017, it had a total of 10,300 LTE base stations, more than Smart's 8,700 base stations. Globe deployed LTE sites using the 700 megahertz (MHz), 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz band.

“Our LTE mobile data service is getting more pervasive, thus giving our customers a better quality of experience. With more reliable and faster mobile internet, our customers will truly enjoy their digital lifestyle,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu.

"We intend to continue investing on LTE to meet the demands of our customers for streaming and always on digital services,” Cu said.

Globe said its own LTE traffic alone climbed 88 percent in 2017 as more customers purchased LTE-enabled handsets.

The telecom company said mobile data users represented 56 percent of its overall mobile users in 2017, up from 46 percent in 2016. Mobile data accounted for 44 percent of Globe's mobile service revenues in 2017.

13 April 2017


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