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Provinces and Cities in the Philippines

Titles of Philippine Places. What's in a Name? The Department of Tourism (DoT) has the habit of using titles as a way of endorsing tourist destinations in the country. However, other countries are also using similar titles. Aside from Filipinos, the Japanese also use the phrase "Pearl of the Orient" to refer to their country.

Historical Dates in the Philippines

January 1 – a holiday in the Philippines; revelry starts on the night of December 31.

January 20, 2001 – Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo replaced President Joseph Estrada via a military-backed people's revolt.

January 23, 1899 – The First Philippine Republic was inaugurated in Malolos.

Filipino World Champions in Sports

It is a real challenge to come up with a list of the country's best athletes, both past and present. Fortunately, sports institutions like the Philippine Sports Commission, the Philippine Olympic Committee and the Philippine Sportswriters Association have named several athletes in their Hall of Fame or sorts.

While being guided by the lists drawn up by the country's respectable sports institutions, our own list dares to be different in the sense that it takes into account the true essence of the term "world champion". By the term world champion, an athlete must have been declared a champion in an international competition or he or she must have won at least a bronze medal in the Olympics.

Filipino inventors build showroom for inventions

A showroom puts on display the best Filipino inventions and products in Quezon City. The Filipino Inventors’ Society Producer Cooperative (FISPC), composed of the members of the Filipino Inventors’ Society (FIS), established a showroom at the ground floor of Delta Building at the corner of West Avenue and Quezon Avenue. Filipino Inventors’ Society (FIS) president Francisco Pagayon said the group established the Filipino Inventors’ Society Producer Cooperative to serve as the business arm of the organization. FISPC then set up a showroom that now displays various innovative products that are designed for fuel and energy conservation, environmental protection, water purification, alternative medicine, personal care and recreation.

Filipino World Champions in Basketball and Softball in 2012

Philippines, champion at Asian basketball’s Jones Cup

Smart Gilas, the Philippines national basketball team, was crowned champion in the 34th edition of the William Jones Cup in Taiwan. The Philippines beat the United States, 76 to 75, on August 26 to bring home the championship.

LA Tenorio, the smallest player in the team, was also named the Jones Cup MVP.

The team was headed by coaches Chot Reyes, Jong Uichico and Ryan Gregorio with team manager Butch Antonio.
It was the fourth time the Philippines won the Jones Cup. The Philippines also won the Jones Cup in 1981, 1985 and 1998.

Filipino Inventors

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Karaoke Inventor
Roberto del Rosario, a Filipino is claiming the right for the invention of the Sing-Along-System (SAS) that eventually led to the development of Karaoke, a Japanese term for "singing without accompaniment". Among del Rosario's other inventions were the Trebel Voice Color Code (VCC), the piano tuner's guide, the piano keyboard stressing device, the voice color tape, and the one-man-band (OMB). The OMB was later developed as the Sing-Along-System (SAS).

Only in the Philippines

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Richest Biodiversity
A great number of rare and exotic animals exist only in the Philippines. The country's surrounding waters reportedly have the highest level of biodiversity in the world. But this distinction was soon overshadowed by the fact that the Philippines has been dubbed as the "hottest of the hotspots" by no less than the Conservation International.

Filipino Achievers

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Filipino of the Century
There are no more beautiful words in a song than those written by a simple man they called Levi Celerio. His songs cherish life, convey nationalistic sentiments and utter grand philosophies that all sound wonderful. His melodies are even more impressive and proud is the least a Filipino could be upon hearing them.