Filipino inventors build showroom for inventions

A showroom puts on display the best Filipino inventions and products in Quezon City. The Filipino Inventors’ Society Producer Cooperative (FISPC), composed of the members of the Filipino Inventors’ Society (FIS), established a showroom at the ground floor of Delta Building at the corner of West Avenue and Quezon Avenue. Filipino Inventors’ Society (FIS) president Francisco Pagayon said the group established the Filipino Inventors’ Society Producer Cooperative to serve as the business arm of the organization. FISPC then set up a showroom that now displays various innovative products that are designed for fuel and energy conservation, environmental protection, water purification, alternative medicine, personal care and recreation. It showcases the Filipino genius as it contains inventions on police patrol weaponry, car care, home protection, agriculture, food and health supplement, and many others that could not be found elsewhere, said Pagayon. Among these inventions are solar-powered postharvest facilities and converters, anti-car napping computerized security system, Anos firetrucks for narrow streets in major cities, fire blanket, water-fueled flashlights, green engine oil products, anti-fungal soap, organic medicine and other organic products. Pagayon said the showroom is in response to the lack of government support and official indifference to the plight of many inventors, who have been frustrated by their inability to find a niche in the local market and obtain commercial success for their inventions. An inventor himself, Pagayon has mass produced the multipurpose Probaton truncheon for Filipino police personnel and village watchmen. He said the inventors grouped themselves together amid the lack of state support and indifference to Filipino inventors. “While inventors in other countries are held in awe and respect by their governments to obtain state support and patronage, Filipino inventors have to live with the frustration for the lack of support,” Pagayon said. “They hardly enjoy state subsidy, tax or credit incentives, and patronage for their invention products,” he said. Pagayon and other inventors then opted to find ways to alleviate the plight of many inventors. His answer: entrepreneurship. FIS, established on October 14, 1943, is the oldest non-government group of Filipino inventors, researchers, technologists, scientists, industrial designers and engineers. The group aims to generate, produce and market indigenous inventions and technologies to help attain economic progress and industrial prosperity for the country. Source

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