Filipino Scientists

Jose Rodriguez discovered methods of controlling Hansen’s Disease commonly known as leprosy. In 1974, he received the Damien Dutton Award.

Josefino Comiso was the first to have discovered a recurring polynya (semipermanent area of open water in sea ice) in the

Cosmonaut Sea, south of the Indian Ocean.

Fe del Mundo is the first Asian to have entered the prestigious Harvard University’s School of Medicine. She is credited for her studies that led to the invention of incubator and jaundice relieving device. Since 1941, she has contributed more than 100 articles to medical journals in the U.S., Philippines and India. In 1966, she received the Elizabeth Blackwell Award, for her “outstanding service to mankind”. In 1977, she was bestowed the Ramon Magsaysay Award for outstanding public service.

Abelardo Aguilar discovered erythromycin in 1949, although he dies in 1993 without being officially recognized for his significant contribution to medicine.

Dr. Lourdes Cruz has made scientific contributions to the biochemistry field of conotoxins.

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