Navigating SIM Registration: Do’s and Don’ts for Photo Submission

In compliance with SIM registration requirements, subscribers are now required to submit two photos: a selfie and a government ID photo. To facilitate a seamless registration process, adhere to the following do’s and don’ts when taking and uploading photos:


DO face the camera
Ensure a clear and direct shot by facing the camera, maintaining eye contact, with a slightly elevated chin, and relaxed shoulders. Focus on capturing your entire face; full-body shots are unnecessary.

DO have good lighting
Select a well-lit indoor environment for optimal photo quality. Avoid excessive brightness to prevent glare, but feel free to use flash if needed.

DO take the photo against a plain background
Choose a simple background to keep the focus on you. A neutral wall or curtain can provide an ideal backdrop.

DO look presentable and wear appropriate attire
Present a clean and professional appearance, akin to taking a government ID photo.

DO make sure you’re the only person in the photo
Submit a solo photo—avoid group shots or photos with others visibly cropped out.

DON’T wear hats and glasses
Refrain from accessories that conceal facial features or cause glare. Remove face masks for a clear view.

DON’T use filters
Avoid filters that alter facial features; the photo should accurately represent your government ID.

DON’T crop the photo too tightly
Maintain a professional look by including your shoulders in the photo; avoid excessive cropping.


DO submit a photo of a valid government ID
Provide a clear photo or scan of a current, government-issued ID. Refer to the list of acceptable IDs for verification.

DO use a high-quality photo
Ensure the ID photo or scan is high resolution and clearly displays readable text.

DO place the ID within the frame
Follow the frame guide on the SIM registration portal when uploading your ID photo.

DON’T submit an expired government ID
Use a valid, unexpired government ID for registration, as an expired ID is invalid.

DON’T submit an ID that doesn’t match your current look
Maintain consistency between your selfie and ID photo to avoid registration issues.

The SIM registration deadline is on July 25, 2023. To prevent deactivation and continue enjoying Smart subscriber benefits, complete the registration process on the Smart SIM registration portal today.

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