National Artists of the Philippines

On this national artists awards brouhaha.  An elite group of intellectuals and academicians do not want Carlos J. Caparas in.  Maybe because Caparas is more popular than they are, and have created works that became more popular than theirs.  Caparas, the writer, is a true artist for the masses, although his massacre movies are offensive.

These so-called national artists have the galls to call themselves artists, when in fact, they are more of critics than of artists, judging from the way they wanted to retain their self-proclaimed exclusivity now.  Wow!

We are offended by their remarks that the inclusion of Caparas, et. al. to the list would cheapen their status as national artists? What a boisterous group of pretenders!  Are artists bereft of any sign of humility?  They are really good at alienating the masses, aren't they?

Caparas, I know to be an artist, because of his talent in creating comics characters.  But among these so-called national artists, many of them are actually propagandists, who have preached doctrines that are old and archaic.  And they include critics, who take delight at destroying works and putting people down.  And they are averse to modern forms of art that are now able to reach the public, something that their classical music, poetry, elite designs or discriminating works have failed to achieve.

These are the same people who had delayed the declaration of Levi Celerio as national artist, right?  Levi, by the way, is not in their class, because h

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