New Year Text Messages for 2014

Sharing with you the best New Year Greetings we received through text messages and Facebook posts during the celebration of New Year's Eve for the arrival of the year 2014!

I wish you the best year, every year, starting this year and thereafter! Happy New Year!

Glory to God in the highest, and to all peace and love, as we start the year with hope and promise that we will become better men and women, simply because we should for the good of the human race.

You make me smile like a child seeing all the fireworks light up the evening sky and declare a grand celebration for the arrival of a New Year.  Happy New Year my dear!

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise.  How beautiful is the  first morning of 2014.  Happy New Year!

It happens here and there,
on the first day of the year
Spreading the love and cheer
with everyone far and near
because today is new year!

The best of the coming year is happening right now. Happy New Year!

Nothing compares to the promise I have in You….Great is Thy Faithfulness! Looking forward to another blessed, favored and fruitful 2014 for everyone. Happy New Year!

Have an awesome New Year everyone! Cultivate the good habits and get rid of the bad ones. Be happy! More great times ahead! Happy New year!

May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness, for you and your family.  Happy New Year!

For 2014, my prayer for you is a life full of blessings, happiness, love, peace, good health and most of all, a deeper relationship with our sovereign God.  Have a joyful celebration of New Year and a new life for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  May you always be joyful in the Lord!

Happy New Year to us all! Wishing for a healthy, clean & honest, prosperous one.

Happy New Year to you.  May continuous good health and more blessings be with us this year.

2013 was a wonderful rollercoaster ride, full of excitement, happiness as well as challenges.  Here's to more rollercoaster ride with you. Happy, wonderful and awesome new year!

I wish you love, i wish you peace, and i wish you God's great blessings! Leaving a challenging yet memorable 2013 and onto a hopefully better 2014! New year's hug and flying kiss to all!

Thanks to a new year—for this always brings hope and a renewed zest for loving, and living—not just for ourselves but for others. 

Before the clock overtakes me, I wish to greet all my FB friends and acquaintances a Merry, Peaceful, Healthy and Productive New Year this 2014 and beyond. Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for being a part of my past year. Happy New Year also to my Manila Times family

A reminder before the year ends: How do you measure or define success tells so much about you. I hope we see success not through "what we have" but "who we become." Smile and cheers to 2014! 

We again bring 2013 to a close with some things left undone, some words left unsaid, and certain emotions left hanging in midair. Thanks to a new year—for this always brings hope and a renewed zest for loving, and living—not just for ourselves but for others.

"We cannot start over but we can start now & make a new beginning."

Good bye 2013.  Welcome 2014.  I will be a year older, and a year better.

Dear 2013, thank you for new friends, for the old and kickin, for the bad ones, and the bests. Thank you for my new and old love, for the lessons that made me stronger, for the heartaches, for the smiles and tears. Goodbye dear old 2013, please pass on the good vibes to 2014.

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