Filipino Inventors and Scientists

As requested by our guests, here are some of the interesting inventions and discoveries by Filipino inventors and scientists.  The list is not anyway complete, and it is advised that our readers consult other materials for confirmation of the following facts.

Ampalaya solution against HIV – Maria Carlita Rex Doran
Artificial bone replacement systems – Ramon Gustilo
Artifical coral reefs – Angel Alcala
Banana catsup – Maria Ylagan Orosa

Carbonless paper – Johnson Fong
Charcoal furnace – Antonio Madrid
Coconut oil-fueled power generator – Felix Maramba
Cultured Cement – Adriano Alfonso
Digital fever detector – Jose Navato
Dragon Fire Stove – Ramon Agpoon
Dormitron – Laurelio Anasco
Early warning device for vehicles – Samuel Ignacio
Emergency water heater – Rolando Cruz
Endotracheal tube cardiac monitor – Ned Teves
Fiber-processing machine – Jaime Escolano
Filipino Canon – Panday Pira
First Advanced Computer Chip – Felipe Odulio
First Single Chip Graphical User Interface – Diosdado Banatao
Floating Power Tiller – Maggie Villacruz
Fluorescent Lamp – Agapit Flores
Food processing machine – Benjamin Almeda
Fountain pen – Juan Urbano
Green charcoal – Gonzalo Catan Jr.
Hydrosil – Pelagio Bautista for hydrosil
Incubator – Fe del Mundo
Jaundice relieving device – Fe del Mundo
Jeep Roller – Lopez
Magic street sweeper – Armen Dator
Maharlika water heater – Guillermo Barredo
Moon Buggy – Eduardo San Juan
Multipurpose portable survival kit – Roberto Celis
Multipurpose routing machine – Pepito Fajicular
Multi-shock bullet – Rudy Arambulo
Nata de coco – Teodula Afrika
One-chip video camera – Marc Loinaz
Philippine-made airplane – Arturo Baluyot
Pineapple vinegar – Maria Ylagan Orosa
Pressure Fuild Machine – Cornelio Seno
Quink pen ink – Francisco Quisumbing
Rocking dental chair – Jacinto Ledesma
Rotary dryer – Felipe Santillan
Safety switch box – Cipriano Lim
Salt evaporator – Leonardo Gasendo
Shake-and-serve nurser – Ernesto Darang
Siloscope – Manuel Silos
Sing Along System (Karaoke) – Roberto del Rosario
Stand-alone amplifier called Voca CDX 1001 Superamp – Carlos Casas
Telephone electronic – Camilo Tabalba
Teleophthalmology – George Camara
Trebel Voice Color Code (VCC) – Roberto del Rosario
Tribotech – Juanito Simon
Universalurinary stone solvent – Dr. E. V. Macalalag Jr.
Vehicle Signal Light – Marcel Buncio
Videophone – Gregorio Zara
Water-Powered Car – Daniel Dingel
Yoyo – Pedro Flores
Zero oil waste recycling – Ben Santos

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