Another Filipino wins Pulitzer

Another Filipino won the much-coveted "Pulitzer Prize" for journalists in the United States, joining the elite group of famous Filipino journalists such as Carlos P. Romulo.

Antonio Vargas, a 27-year-old political reporter of the Washington Post, was a part of a group of reporters who won the prize for best breaking news reporting category for the Post's April 2007 coverage of Virginia Tech Massacre, where Korean student Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people before turning to himself. Vargas wrote two stories on the shooting incident.
Vargas, who was born in Antipolo, Rizal and grew up in Pasig, migrated to the United States when he was only 12 years old. He went studied in Mountain View High School in California and attended college on scholarship at San Francisco State University.

Vargas joined an elite group of Filipino Pulitzer Prize winners, including Carlos P. Romulo, who won the award for international journalism in 1941; Byron Acohido, who won it best beat reporting; Alex Tizon for best investigative reporting; and Cheryl Diaz Meyer for news photography category in 2004 for her work in Iraq.

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