100 Love Letters for Pinoy Lovers 4


My Dear _______,

I know I have the habit of making surprises. Most persons I know agree that I never run out of surprising events in my life. Sometimes, I myself am surprised about the consequence of my own contrivance.

But I hope that you would not count it against me if I keep making surpises. I love to see the joy on the faces of people as a result of little surpises I've made. Gifts, special announcements and sometimes naughty jokes are among my tools in this game of surprising people. But I would like to try out something different on you this time, although I am not sure if it would make you happy.

I want you to know that you have been my biggest surprise in life. You have surprised me in countless ways, although you may not be knowing it. Your smiles and kindly look always give me a heart attack. I am surprised by your sight because I am in love!

Yours truly,


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