Love Greetings for Valentines

Memories fade, as people age, but my love that is true will always remember you.

I can beat all men for being tough, and survive the night being sad. But how come I fell on my knees, when I saw you smile and and move your lips.  Is this what they call being weak, at the sight of beauty that completed me.

A girl so petite like you is sweet.  Your smile and charm swept me off my feet.

Always listen to your heart, because even though it's on your left side; it's always right.

Are you the owner of Google?  I asked because you have everything I am looking for.

A flower may die, the sun may set.  But a woman like you I will never forget.  Your name is precious, it will never grow old.  It's engraved in my heart, in letters of gold.

Good people are like the wind.  You cannot see what is inside their heart, but you can always feel their goodness and sincerity, just like you.

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