Daily Love Quotes

A nice word does not always please a girl. Case in point, I can’t understand why she gets mad everytime I call her my favorite girlfriend.

I don’t want to be the one who says life is beautiful. I want to be the one who feels it. – Marty Rubin

The trouble with working two jobs is you also have twice the number of bosses.

The day I met you was my favorite accident. Even today, I cherish those injuries.

My girlfriend is so kind and selfless. One time, she told me: “I always do to others what I do to you.”

I wish you a morning of love and pleasant memories, a morning of peace and happiness in your heart.

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” Paul Valery

Making a million friends is not a miracle, the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you.

The best place in the world is right in the arms of someone who will not only hold you at your best, but will pick you up and hold you tighter at your weakest.

A smile to open the day, a prayer to bless your work, a song to lighten your dreams, a cheer to praise God’s presence.

Nothing stokes the flames of love like a vision of you. – Unknown

A smile makes us look younger while laughter makes us feel healthier. And friends? They make us remember to do both.

Think of me and keep in mind; A faithful friend is hard to find; But if you find one equal and true; Never leave him for the new.

A Friend is never measured by the number of times he made you laugh. But by the number of times he made you Smile after you cried.

One is never wounded by the love one gives, only by the love one expects.
― Marty Rubin

The road ahead won’t be easy but if you take the passenger seat and let God do all the driving you are headed in the right direction.

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