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finding text mates: This website brings different people from the Philippines and other countries together for the purpose of finding new friends through the exciting technology of text messaging. Because anyone is free to post text messages or personal information here, the developers of the site could not, by any means, verify such information.

disclaimer: The site does not necessarily promote any information posted by our guests. It also does not endorse EB or the likes among text mates. Those who intend to meet people who have posted their personal information on the site could do that at their own discretion. Young girls without companions are particularly cautioned about the risks of meeting older men in private places. In case of police emergency, send a text message to the police hotline 2920 (for the Philippines only).

friendly messages: The developers of the site reserve the right to edit or even remove words, sentences or entries posted by our guests. Words and sentences that are generally perceived as offensive, libelous, seditious, immoral, malicious or vulgar shall be deleted. Any message pertaining to sexual acts, extramarital affairs, or homosexual relationship is prohobited. Friendly and inspiring messages are highly encouraged!

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find text mates now!

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