Text greetings when you miss someone

Text greetings when you miss someone

Here is a collection of text greetings, text messages, SMS and quotes that convey appreciation for people you miss.

Everyday I miss you. I hope one day you will miss me too.

If only I don't care and ignore my feelings, I will say I don't miss you, but my friend it will never be true.

Missing someone is like telling her she is important and her absence disrupts your life in ways only lovers understand.

The most exciting moment in life is the feeling of missing a person so much, that you are willing to cross a great distance to be with that person, no matter how he or she reacts afterwards.

When I don't see you in the morning, the my heartbeat slows, the daylight dims, food becomes tasteless, my tongue turns speechless, and my mind cannot think of anything aside from the fact that I miss you.

Missing you brings out a level of anticipation similar to that of a traveller looking for water in an African desert, finding none, but still hoping, walking and moving until it is there.

I miss you because you make me think of you, even when you don't want me to. I miss you because you wake me up at night, even when you are asleep afar from my sight.  I miss you because your absence only means a thing, that one day you will appear again and show me why my life is exciting.

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