MassKara Festival 2023: Top Four Events You Shouldn’t Miss

The vibrant city of Bacolod, known as the “City of Smiles,” is gearing up for the much-anticipated MassKara Festival 2023, an annual celebration that transforms the city into a kaleidoscope of color, music, and endless joy. This year’s festival promises a lineup of events that are grander, brighter, and more exciting than ever, offering both locals and tourists a unique cultural experience.

Here are the top four events that capture the heart and soul of the MassKara Festival:

1. MassKarade Ball (October 20)
Step into a world of elegance and grace at the MassKarade Ball, where Bacolod’s finest gather in their most stunning outfits and intricate masks. Beyond the glitz and glamor, this event serves as a charity gala, contributing to local charities with every dance and laugh shared. It’s a celebration of generosity and community spirit that adds a meaningful touch to the festival.

2. Private Events and Parties at Local Restaurants and Bars (Various Dates)
After a day of festivities, indulge in private events and parties hosted at local establishments. Quedan Masskara 2023 at Paseo Verde stands out, offering exceptional Spanish comfort food and wines. In partnership with Smart, the event ensures an unforgettable experience for guests, featuring renowned local DJs. Smart subscribers enjoy Fast Lane status, skip-the-line benefits, and a complimentary drink by showing the Smart App.

3. MassKara Electrika Diva and Electric Float Parade (October 21)
Witness the city come alive with the MassKara Electrika Diva and Electric Float Parade as LED-illuminated floats light up the streets. The highlight is the Electrika Diva contest, showcasing local talents in electrifying performances. This year, the festival takes inspiration from the early days of the Electric MassKara, reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro, with electric divas dancing atop electric floats.

4. MassKara Street Dance Competition (October 22)
The grand finale, the MassKara Street Dance Competition, is a vibrant display of Bacolod’s spirit. Local groups showcase synchronized dance moves, vibrant costumes, and infectious energy, embodying the city’s resilience, joy, and welcoming nature. It’s more than a dance-off; it’s a celebration of community, culture, and happiness.

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Make MassKara Festival 2023 an unforgettable journey of culture, joy, and shared smiles. See you in Bacolod!

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