Happy Weekend Greetings and Messages

Five days of hard work lead to two days of happy weekends.  Or we might as well say two days of happy weekends lead to five days of hard work.

The harder we work, the more we realize that we need rest.  The more we rest, the more we realize that work is just a diversion from life's most pleasant activity, which is to rest and think about the possibility of working someday.

When I celebrate my birthday, I eat, drink, love and pray. I thank God I met people like you along the way.  

We love the thought of going out for dinner on weekends, because everybody else does, and we meet most of them in crowded restaurants.

Happy weekend everyone.  May you enjoy the fruits of your labor with love and care and not with the entire income you earned from the whole week.

Dine like a king, shop like a rich heiress, love like a bachelor, play like a child.  On weekends, you are free to dream like a true dreamer.

Talk is an intimate form of communication, when done in low volume, but becomes a form of quarrel, as the voice goes up.

On weekdays, we go to work during the day and rest at home at night.  On weekends, we work at home and relax elsewhere at night.

It is either girls have different personalities, or I just view differently the common traits of girls.

Grace, unmerited favor, is receiving what we do not deserve. Mercy is God not giving us what we do deserve.

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